Icelandic Chinese Products Co., Ltd ‘‘

Based on previous ICP-Icelandic Crab Products Co., Ltd. established on 1998 in USA, now ICP-Icelandic Chinese Products Co., Ltd. has become a specialized supplier on seafood fishing, producing and marketing link between Iceland and China.

ICP EHF owns an exclusively permission of fishing Icelandic Origin Wild Sea Cucumber. Since 1998 ICP has been closely work with the scientists from the Ministry of Fishing of Iceland, and the Marine Research Institute of Iceland, engaging on development of new ocean species. In 2002, the Iceland Sea Cucumber is become of commercial production of fishing and developing.

ICP EHF has built a mutual marketing channel and business development in China. Through the cooperation with the leading sea cucumber company in China, a new Joint-Venture cooperation will start business in Shanghai. The operation is specialize to Iceland Wild Sea Cucumber production and Sea Urchin and Abalone. Meanwhile, ICP is operates high quality seafood products from Icelandic / Northern Atlantic Ocean, and from Northern Pacific Ocean, Alaska Area.

All kind of frozen seafood products are also on a stable supply stage throughout the year. All products from ICP are available under the ICP brand, joint-register brand; or packed under customer‘―s private label.

Thanks to our long cooperation and strong business relationships. ICP continues to expand our supply and sales channels while keeping the focus on a high level of customer relationships and service quality of the products we handle.